The Breakfast Club   5/26/22
by Rockatansky
Because this is such an iconic movie, and these actors will be forever associated with these roles, it's fun to consider this movie in the context of their careers, and maybe pretend that they played the same character in all their movies.

The Breakfast Club   4/02/21
by Frightened Inmate No. 2
i don't think self-identification is necessary to enjoy a piece of cinema, even if this movie kinda begs for it more than most.

The Breakfast Club   5/25/20
by Citizen Rules
I've seen The Breakfast Club several times before and every time I watch it I feel like I'm watching a different movie.

The Breakfast Club   3/25/11
by MovieMad16
Its a great study of teen life as well as John Hughes best film.

The Breakfast Club   6/06/10
by TheUsualSuspect
When people think of John Hughes, the one film I think that they will immediately go to is The Breakfast Club.

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