Crimson Peak   10/22/21
by Thief
The set design, lighting, and whole production values behind the Crimson Peak house are impressive.

Crimson Peak   4/11/19
by Chypmunk
Crimson Peak is a movie from a director for whom I have a lot of time that I ended up wanting to like more than I actually did and so sadly can only give it a +

Crimson Peak   8/17/16
by TheUsualSuspect
Guillermo del Toro might have to try being a cinematographer for a few films instead because Crimson Peak falters the same way his other films do.

Crimson Peak   10/21/15
by mrtylerdurden
Overall, Crimson Peak is another solid film from Guillermo del Toro.

Crimson Peak   10/21/15
by ashdoc
Crimson Peak

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