Death Proof   9/12/18
by aronisred
Its a weird , crazy movie and its also a character study of killer and victims.

Death Proof   11/09/15
by Iroquois
Death Proof definitely proves to be a film of two halves as it tracks Stuntman Mike targeting two very different groups of women.

Death Proof   5/20/15
by MovieMeditation
This dynamic duo quite literally restore the grindhouse picture show, by giving the modern day audience a three hour long movie theater experience of the 70s all the way down to cheesy film trailers and filthy worn out prints, looking as scratched and used up as the old movie reels circulating cinemas back in the days.

Death Proof   6/26/13
by JayDee
I mean how can you possibly make a grindhouse film about a demented stuntman who uses a deathcar to terrify and kill innocent girls, and yet make it one of the dullest movie experiences I've had in quite some time?

Death Proof   7/17/08
by Used Future
Ok Ok, I'm about to do the unthinkable here, that's right, I'm about to give a Tarantino movie, a man who personifies the term 'Critic Proof' (which would have been a laughably ironic title for this movie) a bad review GASP!!!

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