A Clockwork Orange   1/09/21
by mark f
But as time goes by, and I get more and more students who started watching ultra-violent films and pornos when they were five-years-old, and they mostly have a kid or two by the time they're 15 and they belong to gangs and want to do things like Alex does in the first part of the movie, A Clockwork ...

A Clockwork Orange   4/21/19
by MovieMeditation
Ultimately, Im not sure if I somehow accept the extreme and perverse nature of this film because the thematic presentation and execution is so strong, or that I simply find pleasure in projections of ultra-violence when I let them speak to my inner id because once, the clash of cinematic perversion ...

A Clockwork Orange   2/15/15
by Plan B
And this perhaps has never been more apparent than in the case of A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick's masterfully crafted, dark, dystopian social lesson on the necessity of violence in the world, and how people react to its existence.

A Clockwork Orange   5/06/14
by Jack1
The doctor standing over Alex as he is being forced to watch violent films was a real doctor, ensuring that Malcolm McDowell's eyes didn't dry up.

A Clockwork Orange   12/20/09
by The Prestige
I believe this is the main reason Kubrick adapted the novel, he shared with Burgess, the disgust of governments trying to dictate and control the way we live, essentially robbing us of our freedom, which, in Kubricks perspective, is as bad as anything Alex and his cronies do in the film.

A Clockwork Orange   1/01/08
by Lennon
I wish I could give this film a 6 out of 5 just for a revolutionary, directorial look, where Kubrick has many bad scenes accompanied by jolly music; where if we are to experience them as we should, we have to do it consciously, by realizing they are bad, and not because the director tells us so thro...

A Clockwork Orange   11/19/07
by meatwadsprite
Amazing first half filled with though provoking material and characters that are very real and very full of life - followed by an emotional-less second half with boring visuals and no music.

A Clockwork Orange   2/15/05
by LordSlaytan
There is something else that came to mind while viewing A Clockwork Orange, and that is that the society that Alex lives in is only slightly better than he is.

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