Antichrist   11/19/14
by the-young-turk
On my second point, the notorious graphic violence in the film is not used in such a way that it is pointless, much like in the films of Quentin Tarantino, no in Antichrist (2009) the violence and gore is often used to emphasize a point, I will not give any of these away as it would take away from t...

Antichrist   1/08/11
by TheUsualSuspect
Upon finishing the film, I sat there wondering why and what Lars Von Trier tried to accomplish with such a sexually aggressive violent film.

Antichrist   10/16/09
by AussieKurt
...this is a very gritty and psychologically tough film to sit through at times.

Antichrist   7/19/09
by KasperKristensen
One Danish film critic said that one third of the audience would give this movie five stars. The second part would give it zero. And the last part would have no idea what they’ve just seen.

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