Inland Empire   6/07/15
by Iroquois
Given how much his other films invoke dreamlike states to inspire both wonder and fear, it's not surprisingly that eventually Lynch would just throw caution to the wind and create a film that maintained that same uncertain vibe for a full feature film.

Inland Empire   3/24/12
by thracian dawg
And the ending, in addition to finishing up the film in a wonderfully boisterous and rousing fashion, this suggests yet another lynchian idea: that of a version of the Hollywood actors old folks home where tragic movie heroines, after all their celluloid suffering, attain a kind of grace and come to...

Inland Empire   3/31/08
by The Gnat
At a showing of the film in L.A., Lynch was asked how he came up with the idea/meaning for the film.

Inland Empire   3/22/07
by Pyro Tramp
Whether Lynch was trying for something similar to Warhol's [i]Empire[/i] is very possible, certainly through the length; and seeming false endings, leaving the viewer learning to not wait for the end but live the experience.

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