Iron Man   5/06/08
by Lennon
This my friends, goes above and beyond, dare I say, it IS the greatest superhero movie, ever.

Iron Man   5/05/08
by The Gnat
This film falls neatly between films like [i]Spiderman[/i] and [i]Batman Begins[/i]. It balances the cheese of a movie like [i]Spiderman[/i] with the darker, grittier side of [i]Batman Begins[/i].

Iron Man   5/02/08
by Yoda
It is a comic book film created by people who know and love comic books, and figures to go down as one of the best superhero films ever made.

Iron Man   4/30/08
by bitom
Iron Man manages to overcome quite a few obstacles to become a surprisingly chirpy comic-book action movie.

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