Re-Animator   12/11/17
by Omnizoa
character gets even creepier by drawing out his sentences and staring wide-eyed out into the distance which affects other people like he's performing hypnosis or something even though this is never established and appears to work inconsistently because it doesn't seem to affect Re-Animator Guy who r...

Re-Animator   7/24/16
by re93animator
Even as an unscrupulous scientist with little regard for anything beyond his work, hes the clear shining point of the movie and one of the most unusually lovable characters in horror cinema.

Re-Animator   5/08/15
by Iroquois
Of course, this being a horror movie, it comes as no surprise that the re-animated corpses turn out to be mindlessly violent.

Re-Animator   5/02/08
by The Gnat
A new odd student shows up, and things quickly go downhill into a zombie gore fest as the new student starts re-animating the corpses.

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