Brooklyn   5/12/18
by Gideon58
The story begins in Ireland during the early 1950's where we meet Eilis (Ronan),a young Irish girl who is preparing to begin a new life in Brooklyn, New York where a job and a place to live have already been arranged for her.

Brooklyn   1/26/17
by Inconceivable
While in Brooklyn, Eilis falls in love with an Italian guy named Tony, and I unfortunately didn't feel as invested in their relationship as most people were, now don't get me wrong I do think they had great chemistry with each other, and it was really cute seeing them together on screen, but the lea...

Brooklyn   7/22/16
by Citizen Rules
In Brooklyn she starts a new life for herself as she falls in love with a young Italian American boy.

Brooklyn   3/08/16
by Iroquois
There are a couple of recognisable British veterans like Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent who help to really drive home the film's prestige value, though the film is much more likely to be carried by its lesser-known performers.

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