Woman in the Dunes   10/06/21
by Citizen Rules
I do think there was some missed opportunities and I would've nixed the villagers lined up wanting to watch the man and the woman copulate.

Woman in the Dunes   6/06/21
by Thief
The nature shots of the dunes and their shifting sands also add a lot to what the film is trying to tell us: much like that sand, things in life can change slowly or they can change suddenly.

Woman in the Dunes   8/18/15
by Iroquois
Okada thinks nothing of this at first, but soon realises that he is effectively trapped in this sand pit and made to live and work alongside the woman in order to provide his captors with sand for an illegal cement-mixing operation.

Woman in the Dunes   1/16/10
by Dog Star Man
In approaching [i]Woman in the Dunes[/i], like many Hiroshi Teshigahara films that precurse it, one must think in the realm of metaphors and interpretations underneath the visual surface.

Woman of the Dunes   7/16/05
by Golgot
One of those films about everything and nothing, [i]Woman of the Dunes[/i] is beautifully filmed, full of contradictions (that make sense), and treacherously hard to define.

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