The Beastmaster   9/29/22
by Wooley
The film starts as a straight-up Period Horror (Coscarelli's knack for the genre is as obvious here as it was in his previous film) as an evil priest, Mayak, and his coven of witches use dark magic to steal the unborn child of the Queen (and King) from her belly and transfer it to the womb of a cow.

The Beastmaster   11/10/18
by Citizen Rules
A topless Tanya Roberts helped as well You'll just have to watch the movie to see that scene...I'd never seen John Amos in anything other than the TV show Good Times, so I was surprised to see him here, and he's real personable and likeable too.

The Beastmaster   9/11/18
by pahaK
The specialty of the film is the protagonist's ability to communicate with animals.

The Beastmaster   5/19/08
by The Gnat
I feel like with this films story, that it was trying to be a little bit less B then a lot of the better cult classic films.

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