The Innocents   6/13/20
by Gideon58
Seven time Oscar nominee Deborah Kerr plays Miss Giddens, a young woman who accepts a position as a governess for two children who live on a country estate with the household staff.

The Innocents   10/30/18
by TheUsualSuspect
Francis works the camera beautifully, creating a claustrophobic feel while Miss Giddens holds a candle in the dark.

The Innocents   9/26/18
by pahaK
The best thing in the story is its ambivalence, how in the end the viewer can't be sure if the haunting is real or the governess has just lost her mind (this is based on one viewing, maybe there are hints one way or another when one knows to look).

The Innocents   9/18/18
by HashtagBrownies
Good thing I got the Blu-Ray copy of the film, cause the film looks as crisp as a crisp!

The Innocents   6/14/17
by mark f
The photography is spectacular and the sound design awesomely conveys what could either be Miss Giddens' deepening madness or a presence of unspeakable evil which threatens to possess and corrupt the children in the form of two dead servants who formally helped to raise the children while freely carrying on an open S&M sexual relationship in front of them.

The Innocents   9/26/14
by Citizen Rules
The Innocents has more in common with films like Rebecca (1940) or Wuthering Heights (1939) than it does with other early 1960s horror films.

The Innocents   8/25/14
by christine
Young and beautiful Miss Giddens gets her very first job as a governess in a remote country house to two children, Miles aged 10 and Flora aged 8 .

The Innocents   8/06/09
by birdygyrl
The story begins with a well to do socialite (Michael Redgrave) interviewing a young woman, Miss Giddens (Deborah Kerr) for the position of governess for his two wards.

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