It's a Wonderful Life   12/14/16
by Evan_Wheatley
The man turns out to be Clarence Baileys guardian angel sent from heaven to help Bailey realize his purpose in life.

It's a Wonderful Life   12/29/15
by Iroquois
After a brief prologue frames the story as being told by one celestial being to another on Christmas Eve, the bulk of the film skims the life story of a young man named George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart).

It's a Wonderful Life   12/24/14
by Citizen Rules
But regardless of how commonly shown the film is, or how many times one has seen it, It's a Wonderful Life remains a remarkable film.

It's a Wonderful Life   3/15/14
by The Gunslinger45
Told from his childhood to his adult life we watch George Bailey grow up in Bedford Falls.

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