The Dark Knight   6/26/11
by TylerDurden99
Christian Bale delivers a solid performance as both Bruce Wayne and Batman, playing both characters perfectly, as the conflicted hero, and the cocky playboy.

The Dark Knight   4/10/11
by MovieMad16
Almost 3 Years ago, We had a film released that redefined Comic Book Films and Films itself in a artistic way.

The Dark Knight   4/26/09
by The Prestige
From the blistering Michael Mannerism of the opening sequence to the nail biting and frankly goose bumping conclusion, [I]The Dark Knight[/I] is presented as a piece of work to be reckoned with.

The Dark Knight   12/14/08
by Swan
It's really great. Not perfect, but I feel it's like this: what they got right, they [I]really[/I] got [I]right[/I]. What they didn't get right, oh well.

The Dark Knight   12/01/08
I'm trying to think of specific negative things to say about this movie, but every time I try to, I fail.

The Dark Knight   9/02/08
by Darth Stujitzu
I loved the film, but as stated there were a few minor niggles.

The Dark Knight   7/25/08
by Used Future
...'The Dark Knight' is a rare thing indeed. It's an engrossing sprawling crime story, like 'Heat' or L.A. Confidential' with superheroes and bigger explosions.

The Dark Knight   7/20/08
by meatwadsprite
This is without a doubt the absolute best super-hero/comic movie of all time.

The Dark Knight   7/19/08
by Sleezy
...anything worthwhile about this sequel is hinged completely and totally on the Joker's anarchy.

The Dark Knight   7/19/08
by Yoda
Some ado has been made of the fact that The Dark Knight is the first Batman film not to contain the word Batman in its title.

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