Office Space   10/10/18
by Gideon58
Anyone who has ever worked in an office will find something they can relate to in 1999's Office Space, a farcical look at office life that seems to be sort of a cinematic companion to the Johnny Paycheck song "Take this Job and Shove It" and has achieved almost cult status over the years.

Office Space   12/28/14
by hello101
Office Space is the story of a man (Peter Gibbons) who is fed up with the mundane nature of his work, and with the help of a hypnotherapist who miraculously drops dead, Peter is freed from the pressures of his unwanted job and abandons all care towards it.

Office Space   3/11/11
by MovieMad16
In the Initech office, the insecure Peter Gibbons hates his job and the abusive Division VP Bill Lunbergh that has just hired two consultants to downsize the company.

Office Space   1/08/08
by Lennon
Ron Livingston stars in this hilarious comedy about working in an office, as Peter Gibbons.

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