Blood Diamond   1/18/20
by Citizen Rules
Some of the action scenes went from brutal (which was good as it gave one the feeling of hopelessness and cruelty that existed), to...too many firebombs, making the film feel like a blockbuster action flick at times, which took away from the realistic feel.

Blood Diamond   6/02/14
by JayDee
On the evidence of the action in Blood Diamond I would be very surprised if Edward Zwick had never been considered or even contacted for films in the superhero and action genres, perhaps even a James Bond film.

Blood Diamond   3/29/14
by McConnaughay
Blood Diamond is a 2006 American-German political war thriller film directed by Edward Zwick, who I know for directing Love & Other Drugs, as well as helping to produce Shakespeare in Love, which made him one of the recipients of the Academy Award for Best Picture of that year.

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