Freaks   12/11/17
by mark f
(Actually it's not that strange for all of you who watch a movie over and over; it seemed to shapeshift, transform and become more normal.) I started thinking that the "Freaks" were actually the more physically-"normal", hateful characters, while those with physical disabilities were more human and ...

Freaks   11/07/15
by Iroquois
As befitting the title, much of the film's plot has to do with the people who work in the circus's freak show, which includes little people, "pinheads", a bearded lady, conjoined get the idea.

Freaks   9/30/15
by MovieMeditation
Not only was Freaks poorly received, panned by critics and banned cross-country for being absolutely disgusting and downright sickening to look at, but the career of the prior 'Dracula' director also fell completely apart, because of his reputation for ruining cinema with that foul freak show of a f...

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