Pain & Gain   5/01/16
by ursaguy
Most people think of Bay as as a populist, which his "Transformers" movies definitely are, but "Pain and Gain" is a feel-bad film with a pessimistic worldview.

Pain & Gain   2/18/16
by Optimus
At just over 20 million dollars, the film stands as Michael Bay's lowest-budgeted film since his feature film debut Bad Boys (1995).

Pain & Gain   1/27/16
by Gideon58
Watching these guys get away with everything that they do is all the more aggravating because these guys are idiots and not very likable, though Johnson's character, Paul Doyle, does possess some very engaging qualities and caring about this character is initially very easy; unfortunately, the scree...

Pain & Gain   5/26/13
by The Gunslinger45
It is shot in Miami just like his Bad Boys movies, the movie cant hold a shot for more than a few seconds, pointless female characters who are there to be hot (more on that later), has a final chase sequence that involves cars, boats, AND helicopters; and finally it is the genre where he is at his m...

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