300   4/07/16
by Optimus
Movie Trivia: In the movie, some of the Spartan men can be seen with trimmed beards or no facial hair at all.

300   7/07/13
by Masterman
300 is a love it or hate it movie, it's movie that devides opinion with movie fans, which isn't a shock because most of Zack Snyder's work does that.

300   11/29/10
by TylerDurden99
Other films I liked, but would never be the #1 film of 2007 are Juno & Saw IV.

300   11/11/07
by meatwadsprite
Although lots of film "casuals" refer to it as one of the best movies ever , in reality it actually is a very good film.

300   8/29/07
by The Gnat
It was beautiful to watch, but I don't feel like there was substance behind that beauty.

300   3/09/07
by TheUsualSuspect
Well, the film has finally arrived and its safe to say that you can add it to the list along with: The Matrix, Star Wars, LOTR and Citizen Kane as films that have changed the way we look at cinema.

300   3/09/07
by John McClane
[i]300[/i] is hands-down, a visual masterpiece. From start to finish, our eyes get to feast on one of the greatest looking pieces of film I have ever seen.

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