The Big Country   12/24/17
by mark f
That character is former ship captain Jim McKay (Gregory Peck) who has gotten fianced into a Texas ranching family by way of Pat Terrell (Carroll Baker), who eventually shows herself to misunderstand him and be extremely superficial.

The Big Country   10/24/16
by Gideon58
This western drama is the story of Jim McKay (Gregory Peck), a New England city slicker who arrives for a visit in a western town to visit his fiancee, Pat Terrill (Carroll Baker) who he met while Pat was on a visit back east.

The Big Country   8/26/16
by Citizen Rules
Superb story telling of a big story arch that encompasses idealism, romance, individuality and action too....All done with characters who act and speak in-accordance with their established personalities and back story.

The Big Country   10/17/15
by Iroquois
When you watch a film as long as The Big Country, you might have to question whether or not it needs to be as long as it does, and in this film's case I question it quite seriously.

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