The Hurt Locker   8/15/16
by mark f
The main characters are James (Jeremy Renner) who's the bomb disposal team leader and the one who always seems to go out of his way to do too much to try to get killed; Sanborn (Anthony Mackie), who's the leader's by-the-book backup man and safeguard against the theory that "***** happens"; and Eldr...

The Hurt Locker   5/31/16
by Omnizoa
Other complaints would include the off-duty brouhaha and ultimately the last fourth of the movie which ends greats, but includes a ludicrous scene in which our main three characters LEAVE SAFETY...

The Hurt Locker   6/18/15
by Nope1172
Kathryn Bigelow has proven herself to be one of the greatest action movie directors since her ex-husband James Cameron, and The Hurt Locker is the greatest example of this.

The Hurt Locker   4/03/15
by Citizen Rules
The Hurt Locker is not a war buddy film and not a CG action film that glories killing and war.

The Hurt Locker   5/08/10
by iluv2viddyfilms
This is simply an amazing film and amazing story-telling with little undermining manipulation to the viewer.

The Hurt Locker   8/03/09
by TheUsualSuspect
out. On a whole, this film works and is one of the best of this year.

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