Pink Floyd - The Wall   3/25/21
by Weasel
I think it's impossible to adequately "review" this film without the context of the album; it is a distinct work and can be viewed by anyone, but its thematic ideas and construction are all based upon a similar framework, one that ends up making this film and the album it's based on so interesting.

Pink Floyd - The Wall   6/09/18
by mattiasflgrtll6
This is accompanied mostly through visuals, and almost exclusively dialogue and music taken from Pink Floyd's album The Wall.

Pink Floyd - The Wall   2/22/18
by Citizen Rules
Maybe that's why Pink Floyd's album The Wall has remained my favorite work of music.

Pink Floyd - The Wall   3/13/17
by Gideon58
Originally, it seemed my unfamiliarity with the music of Pink Floyd might have had something to do with my initial confusion regarding this absurdist musical vision; however, as the film progressed, I realized that this was not the case, as the music framing every sick and bizarre image presented he...

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