Suspiria   10/31/22
by Rockatansky
(Between this and wanting to crawl into the movie, I am painting a pretty depressing picture here...but the point stands.) But I do think Argento's better movies, even when defining their protagonists primarily as audience surrogates, are usually good at getting actors who bring a certain empathy an...

Suspiria   10/19/18
by Iroquois
That's why they are both huge favourites not just as horror movies but as movies full stop.

Suspiria   10/04/18
by SmudgeEFC1985
Probably the best Argento Ive seen (though curiously not my favourite, as Phenomena will always hold that nostaglic little place in my heart) it is slow in places, but it absolutely comes to life when the real horror starts to happen.

Suspiria   8/22/15
by CiCi
However, Suspiria is undoubtedly the reason as to why I fell in love with Argento's (early) films, for me, it is the perfect horror film, and I doubt any other horror film will surpass my adoration that I'll probably always maintain for this film.

Suspiria   1/11/15
by MovieMeditation
The very first time I watched this film I wasnt sure exactly what to expect but in fact I ended up being quite impressed with its experimental soundtrack and visuals, as well as the overall feel of the film.

Suspiria   2/02/06
by TheUsualSuspect
I respect this film, I hold it in high regard for it's technical achievements, but for entertainment value, Suspiria fails to keep my attention.

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