Yojimbo   7/17/16
by Omnizoa
Rather than simply being the lone samurai who gets hired by the good guys to shuffle the bad guys outta town, Sanjuro wanders into town, sees a feudal stalemate between two factions and decides, "I can make money off of this".

Yojimbo   6/23/15
by Iroquois
The film's most notable villain does change things up by having his own revolver (which did inspire an unexpected homage in 1979 gang flick The Warriors), the gangs' one attempt at open warfare results in a comical stalemate being watched by an amused Mifune, the gangs actually turn out to be stunni...

Yojimbo   6/09/14
by kkl10
Raw and appealing aesthetics, rich and well-acted characters, perfect transitions between comedy, drama, action and suspense as we follow the lone samurai crafting his web.

Yojimbo   8/07/08
by meatwadsprite
This classic film succeeds at telling a timeless story with acting , visuals , and pace that most modern action films fail to and remains an amazing film through near 70 years of age.

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