Thief   7/12/22
by Gideon58
The lovingly photographed opening scene of Frank cracking a safe shows that Frank is very skilled at what he does and when he tells the person he's working for minutes later that he wants his cut to go into the bank also shows that this a guy who wants to change his life.

Thief   9/01/18
by aronisred
It would have been interesting to see him after the movie ends in thief 2 because the movie ends in a very interesting way.

Thief   5/28/18
by Joel
James Caan takes the character of Frank and makes him fun, menacing and believable.

Thief   9/16/14
by Jack1
James Caan is a talented actor, no doubt, and I'm a fan of his, but I think he was having to carry this film alone a lot of the time.

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