Picnic at Hanging Rock   3/02/17
by Okay
Valentine's Day, where three young girls and a teacher disappear without a trace while on a school picnic at Hanging Rock, Victoria, leaving the worried town desperately trying to solve the mystery.Thoughts: Based on Joan Lindsay's novel of the same name, "Picnic at Hanging Rock" manages to turn an ordinary girls school summer picnic, into a dreadful and haunting disappearance case that you sure want to help and solve.My favourite part of the experience is listening to the music that flowed very well with the occurring events, which consisted of classical pieces from legendary composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, not to mention, the haunting panpipe music and other original compositions.I'm a huge fan of slow burns and I found myself shocked at how bored I was during the second act of this film, where it kinda lost me for a while, and the reason for that was because of how uneventful and unexciting everything was.

Picnic at Hanging Rock   2/21/15
by Citizen Rules
Premise: On Valentine's Day 1900, a group of Australian college school girls journey to Hanging Rock for a leisurely picnic in the country.

Picnic at Hanging Rock   4/05/14
by kkl10
Until we arrive at the scene which, in my opinion, is the culmination of Picnic at Hanging Rock, it was this instance that made the "click" in my head where I really understood the premiss of this film - the out of nowhere and unexpected collective hysteria in the dance class demanding explanations to a key piece of the mystery that had been rescued alive but makes no attempt whatsoever to clarify about what happened.

Picnic at Hanging Rock   7/20/04
by SamsoniteDelilah
The meaning of the movie is kind of an enditement of the conservatism of the day, which (perhaps) contributes to the hampering of the investigation of these girls' disappearance.

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