The Return of the Living Dead   10/06/17
by Joel
No one likes a party pooper except other party poopers, and this movie is all about partying!

The Return of the Living Dead   9/14/16
by Omnizoa
Being the first movie to introduce Tar Man, the progenitor of the idea that all zombies want BRAINSSS, I was really only familiar with it's historical relevance (I saw it referenced in some WatchMojo's Top Movie Monsters list or some ****), but I was encouraged to see it based on the not-so-serious ...

The Return of the Living Dead   7/03/16
by Iroquois
Though it's touted as a comedy, I find it decidedly lacking in worthwhile humour as it barely goes beyond explicitly riffing on other zombie movies or even in having its outlandish characters do everything from graveyard stripteases to theatrical displays of shock over the zombies.

The Return of the Living Dead   12/04/08
by TheUsualSuspect
I think the whole zombie brain cliche originated with this film, I could be wrong but I remember hearing that somewhere.

The Return of the Living Dead   3/31/08
by The Gnat
The references to other zombie films, such as Dawn of the Dead, great in the film, and this is more of a parody then anything else.

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