Logan's Run   2/07/21
by Takoma11
Logan's partner, Francis (Richard Jordan) doesn't know about the undercover operation and ends up hunting Logan.

Logan's Run   1/01/18
by mark f
This film doesn't really address terminating life before it can be born, but it does address terminating life in the future at the age of 30, in a sci-fi context, and it's all surprisingly-entertaining in a minor kind of way.

Logan's Run   3/17/15
by Iroquois
The second half of the film does involve York and Agutter escaping from the city and into the outside world of post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., meeting up with an old man (Peter Ustinov) before eventually deciding to return to the city and bring down the government, but the whole "discovering the o...

Logan's Run   11/09/11
by akatemple
With the remake of Logans Run still a ways away I thought it wouldnt hurt to watch this classic again since it has probably been about 17 years since the one and only time I watched this film till now.

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