The World's End   12/03/15
by Iroquois
the World all bleed into this film's action sequences, which definitely stand out as some of the best work Wright has ever filmed.

The World's End   9/28/14
by The Rodent
set into 3 disparate films: 1) Shaun's Horror 2) Fuzz's Action 3) End's Sci-Fi

The World's End   11/24/13
by seanc
Happily The World's End is more Shaun Of The Dead than Hot Fuzz.

The World's End   8/08/13
by weeman
This feeling of isolation resonates throughout all three films, Shaun of the Dead with the zombie apocalypse, Hot Fuzz with village life being cover for a more macabre exercise, and now The World's End, where visiting old adolescent haunts gives way to the invasion of the very human race.

The World's End   8/03/13
by PeterVincent
The films little epilogue almost ruins it, and it ends incredibly abruptly, but, I suppose they just wanted The World's End to be it's own film, and not a farewell to two other films.

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