Network   3/13/17
by Citizen Rules
I hate movies that dumb it down for the audience, and despite the totally prophetic and important message of the movie, I can't overlook the sloppy execution by the director.

Network   7/16/16
by Pelicula Pelican
It is no surprise to me that Peter Finch took Best Actor, or that Faye Dunaway took the best actress, but what might come as a surprise is that Beatrice Straight received an award for Best Supporting Actress even though she had less than ten minutes of overall screen time.

Network   10/29/13
by Gideon58
Peter Finch won the first posthumous Oscar for Lead Actor for his charismatic performance as the tortured Howard Beale, a lost soul who suffers when he starts to believe his own press and Robert Duvall is razor sharp as the network executive playing puppetmaster with Max, Howard, and Diana.

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