WALL·E   10/18/19
by ahwell
Now I don't think anyone likes anyone likes Eve nearly as much as Wall-E, but Eve (or shall we call her Ev-A) is a great character.

WALL·E   3/12/19
by Gideon58
As expected, romance does come into Wall-E's life one day in the form of a robot named Eve (voiced by Elissa Knight) who is dropped on earth by an alien spaceship.

WALL·E   10/01/18
by SmudgeEFC1985
But two little animated robots with virtually no dialogue have managed to be part of one of the most beautiful love stories in film.

WALL·E   12/11/17
by mark f
In fact, although WALLE (ostensibly playing a male) is frightened by EVE's seemingly violent nature and firepower, he finds himself attracted to her as a companion along the lines of the ones he sees in the film version of Hello, Dolly!

WALL·E   8/15/17
by Citizen Rules
Everyone loves WALL-E, the critics loved it!

WALL·E   7/20/16
by BraedenG33
I remember falling in love with Wall-E as a kid, he (it technically, but for convenience sake I'm calling Wall-E a he) was drawn all over my notebooks in the animation camp I used to go to over summers back in the day (I was a nerd, it was a camp dedicated to animation and comic book illustration and I loved the sh*t out of it, it was held by a guy who used to illustrate Wonder Woman comics back in the day) and in my school notebooks for the next year.

WALL·E   6/22/16
by DalekbusterScreen5
It feels more like a love story between Wall-E and Eve; once you start adding the human characters and their spaceship the plot starts to become messy and unfocused.

WALL·E   6/01/13
by JayDee
And while I understand some people may find the film just a tad hypocritical with its messages, considering the amount of merchandising the film spawned (consumerism) and that Pixar films have become the ideal babysitters for numerous parents (the abundance of technology in our lives), it's not something I feel the need to really comment on.

WALL·E   7/11/12
by The Rodent
Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class, also known as WALL-E, is a little robot who works on a deserted planet Earth, around 700 years from present day.

WALL·E   11/24/10
by MovieMad16
The Whole film is a very wonderful love story with earth and the humans really moved into the background.

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