The Hunt   2/02/18
by Citizen Rules
Keeping with the realistic feeling of the film, the movie's structure is in present tense and the story takes place chronologically as a rather innocent event turns into something ugly for the school teacher.

The Hunt   4/27/17
by Camo
By that point we don't know him that well but we do know that his life isn't the best and in this scene everything comes together; his son is coming to live with him and he is flirting with who will become his girlfriend seeing him now finally move on with his life, and only we know that something h...

The Hunt   4/18/17
by cricket
If you're being accused of something you didn't do, I think the normal reaction would be to attack your accuser.

The Hunt   12/18/13
by seanc
Except for the scene where we see the little girl's accusation and another where she is questioned, which may be the most blood boiling in the film, we are given no insight into the process.

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