Mulholland Drive   1/26/22
by mark f
If not, why isn't someone's interpretation of a film as "idiotic nonsense" make as much sense as the interpretation of it as "poetic beauty"?

Mulholland Drive   8/05/21
by Rockatansky
Now I suppose I should say something about the movie itself, but it might be a challenge given how elusive it is in certain respects (Lynch is notoriously cagey about offering interpretations of his movies) and, as a result, how heavily it's been scrutinized over the years.

Mulholland Drive   7/06/21
by Thief
I think the way Lynch manages to pull and create emotion out of this web of seemingly unrelated and unexplainable events is simply magical, peaking with that magnificent scene at Club Silencio.

Mulholland Drive   8/14/20
by Citizen Rules
My favorite scene in the movie was her auditioning for a movie role in a crowded room.

Mulholland Drive   8/05/18
by Gideon58
Another entry from the "And then I woke up" school of filmmaking, Lynch has crafted a story so bizarre, rich with eerie symbolism and red herrings that there is no possible way that what we are watching can be completely steeped in realism, but this isn't exactly foreign territory for Lynch so fans ...

Mulholland Drive   3/09/14
by The Gunslinger45
We move from the film directors of my childhood, to a film director who has become one of my favorites only recently; the strange and surreal David Lynch.

Mulholland Drive   11/19/12
by Daniel M
However I will say that my interpretation I think follows the general theory behind what actually happens during Mulholland Drive, however like many critics have said I think it is important not to focus to much on analysing the meaning, although you will no doubt want to gather some type of meaning...

Mulholland Drive   8/16/11
by TylerDurden99
I've never seen a David Lynch film before now.

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