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An Adventure in Space and Time

An Adventure In Space and Time

"But I told him he was stupid, the TARDIS will go on and on forever cause it's special and magic, like my Sampa, my Sampa's Doctor Who...and he can do anything."

Phenomenally touching, Mark Gatiss' drama into the creation of Doctor Who and it's star is so much more than just a love letter to the show. An Adventure In Space and Time is driven by incredible performances, with one of the best being that of Brian Cox as Sydney Newman...but the gold does truly go to David Bradley as William Hartnell, the first Doctor.

Bradely's portrayal of a typecast old man who finds new life and purpose in a science-fiction series is not only intriguing from start to finish, but also reaches such an emotional point at the end it became impossible for me to hold back tears.

One scene in particular, was so perfectly crafted that it is possibly one of the best scenes in a film all year, and this is a TV-movie! The scene I speak of involves Hartnell
WARNING: "Light spoiler." spoilers below
(light spoilers, by the way) as the last of the original crew. Fed up with the younger crews lack of interest in the shows technical aspects, Hartnell starts the TARDIS set up by himself and slowly begins to mentally collapse.

For any casual viewer, this is a great character piece and insight into a show that you may-or-may not have seen before. For a fan of Doctor Who, it's an emotional love letter and incredible exploration of a time where Doctor Who would never have been seen as a 50-year-old mega-show with a massive fanbase.

Good luck not exploding with emotion at the end cameo, too. I did.