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Godspell: A Musical Based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew

Godspell is the 1973 film version of the off-Broadway musical based on the Gospel according to St. Matthew that has probably been performed on stage more than any other musical in the history of theater.

The film version is a relatively faithful rendering of the Broadway musical, which is sort of comic-book re-telling of the last days of Jesus Christ in which Jesus, wearing clown makeup and a Superman T-shirt is followed around New York city by a group of bouncy young disciples who abandon their hum drum lives to follow their new savior.

The musical score by Stephen Schwartz, a classic in and of its self, includes "Day by Day", "All For the Best", "Turn Back O'Man" , and "O Bless the Lord My Soul".

Victor Garber had his first significant film role as Jesus and the film also features five members of the original off-Broadway cast (it should be mentioned that four actors in this film are no longer with us). The film makes effective use of NYC locations with some imaginative staging for several numbers , most notably a portion of "All for the Best" taking place on the giant jumbo-tron in Times Square.

"Learn Your Lessons Well" and "We Beseech Thee" were not included in the film and a new song "Beautiful City" was added in hopes of garnering a Best Song Oscar nomination, but really adds nothing to the story, but for fans of the stage musical, the movie will not disappoint.