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The Cabin in the Woods

Finally. After three years of anticipation, Cabin in the Woods is in theaters! For some of us, just seeing the words “A Mutant Enemy Production” and/or hearing the opening strains of OkGO on the soundtrack is enough to elicit a smile. If not, then the name of co-writer and producer Joss Whedon should. Or, you’re one of those non-geeks I’ve heard tell of. Anyway, even if you’re going in cold, you’re in for a surprise.

Cabin in the Woods establishes the signposts of its apparent genre early on – five hot teens go to a remote cabin for a weekend of drunken Truth or Dare, swimming and sex. Just as early on though, we’re shown that there is more going on here: everything is monitored by a small team of white coats, watching from a control room. Things aren’t quite the norm. You don’t have to shut off your brain to watch this movie.

It’s a fun, gory, hilarious slasher film with top notch production values. With a small side of indictment of reality tv. And a question: does this make you uncomfortable?