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Pulp Fiction

Just for mastermetal777

Review #74: Pulp Fiction.

The plot revolves around a large group of disparate characters, a gangster and his wife, a boxer and two hitmen, and many more supporting roles, all going through their respective journeys over the period of a day or so.
All have seperate stories that intertwine with one another at some point, eventually leading up to a full circle, among what appears to be a chaotic series of strange, surreal and yet believably real circumstances.

The movie plays out almost like Tarantino's other masterpiece, Reservoir Dogs, it starts out bluntly, in the thick of the action, and moves onto the next scene without so much as a blink of the eye. Like with Reservoir Dogs there's no real coherant timing with the scenes, one minute it's the morning, the next it's the afternoon, then suddenly it's morning again.
It can seem a little lost at first to a first time viewer, but when the audience realises where the series of events is going, it makes brilliant and perfect sense.

Think of it as a flashback movie, that's piecing together a complex series of strange situations.

As for the overall screenplay, the movie is an absolute gem. It's shot fantastically and is extremely funny at times.
There are some quite brutal scenes of drug taking, violence and sex involved too but each situation no matter how hard and harsh, still has the subtle undertone of real life humour that Tarantino is a master of encapsulating.

The dialogue for the characters is also brilliantly real and very well realised. The acting in the film is what makes all the difference though, they all hit their marks and seem to just know where and what they're characters are supposed to be.
You can tell the actors had a lot of fun while filming too.
By far, out of all the top-drawer acting involved, Harvey Keitel steals the show for his part as Mr Wolf. Only on screen for about 10 minutes, his character is memorable beyond belief.

There's no action as such, only the occassional pacey scenes containing small chases and smaller gunplay but it's still well put together.

The one and only thing that lets the movie down is that first time viewers can feel a little lost for the first 15-20 minutes, but stick with it if you want a brilliantly executed circle of storytelling.

All in all, it's one of the most original movies of the past 20 years and has some of the most memorable characters too. Tarantino really hits the nail on the head with this one.
My rating 98%