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Before the Fall

Before the Fall (2008)
Directed by: F. Javier Gutierrez
Written by: Juan Velarde

This is a Pre-Apacolyptic movie, and a kind of interesting one at that, the movie starts with the people of a small village learning about the meteor coming towards Earth and nobody can do anything about it, so they say everyone will be dead in a few days. But the Apocalyptic part of it only takes like five percent of the movie, the rest of the story lies somewhere else. When all the panic from the meteor starts getting everybody moving the police abandon their post allowing everyone to escape from prison, this normally would be just part of the ordeal but the main character Ale and his mother have something else to worry about. Ale’s brother Tomas put a man in prison a number of years back and the man always swore he would kill Tomas and his family, Ale’s mother finds out about the prison breaks and knows this is going to happen. Ale’s mother goes to see her grandkids and spend some time with them before the end of the world, the kids do not know about the news and Tomas their father is out of town. After the death of one of the last remaining family members Ale knows that the convict is close and goes into fortifying there little house to keep the kids safe. The convict does show up and finds out that Tomas is out of town and not there so he decides to try and pick off the kids and Ale one by one.

This was a good movie and a good story but the world is coming to an end and they only bring it up at the beginning of the movie, so I think it just goes without saying that the ending to this movie sucks and just leaves you wanting to know more