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THX-1138 (1971)
Director: George Lucas
Written by: George Lucas, Mathew Robbins and Walter Murch

This movie has been out longer then I have been alive and I just watched it for the first time, I donít know what took me so long I guess it was just one of those films that I always skipped over because I did not think I would like it. I was wrong, I really liked this movie. The color or lack there of, the actors it was all great, and wow Robert Duvall was so young in this (yes I know it was 40 years ago) I mainly know Duvall from a lot of his more modern films. The mechanical confessionals were hilarious probably about as effective as the ones today (just my opinion, please no hate mail).

To be perfectly honest I really did like this film but I did not understand a lot of it. From what I got this is a love story between THX and LUH, also I believe sex is illegal. This look at the future has almost came true IMO with so many people being on sedatives for one thing or another, that part of the movie at least I found quite fitting with the world today. I do not understand the reason in the movie why it was mandatory to take the sedatives and if you didnít you got put in jail (futuristic bright white jail). A lot of this movie reminded me or George Orwellís 1984 and the whole Big Brother thing. THX (Robert Duvall) finds out LUH is pregnant and escapes from jail in an attempt to reunite with LUH. I donít want to say too much about the ending even though everybody but me probably saw this film a while ago, all I will say is that I thought it had potential for a good ending, but all it did was leave me hanging.

Maybe it's just me but a young Duvall to me looks a lot like a young Robert De Niro. If anyone even reads this and can maybe explain the ending or the reason for the sedatives please let me know, also I really like Sid Haig but I donít remember seeing him in this movie and he has to be in it somewhere, so if anyone can point him out that would be nice.