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Day 257: January 12th, 2011


In Space No One Can Hear You Scream.

If there is one movie I wish I can see in the theatre when it was first released, it's Alien. Not Star Wars, Lawrence of Arabia or some other big blockbuster. A nail biting, hold your breath scare-fest that demands to be seen by those who love science fiction and horror.

After investigating an SOS distress signal, a mining ship encounters a strange species that attaches itself to one of the crew members. The creature impregnates the crew member and the alien is unleashed on the ship to wreck havoc and hell.

The claustrophobic atmosphere adds multiple layers of tension to an already tense situation. Scott only shows us glimpses of the alien here and there, much like the film Jaws. We only see parts of it before it attacks.

I remember watching this when I was younger, my dad said it was the 'next restricted film I can see". I watched it in my uncles room and was completely enthralled by it. I even thought the 'final act' was sexy because Weaver was in her underwear. The most unattractive underwear ever, but it was hot to me.

The scenes of suspense and terror still hold up to this day and the film is a toss up with the Cameron held sequel as the best in the series. The two are totally different though, one is about sheer terror and isolation, the other decides to go bigger.