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(1976, John G. Avildsen)

man, i seem to have watched a lot of boxing films lately. it seems kind of crazy that i'm just 3 years shy of 30 and am only just seeing this film for the first time, but alas, i've never been a fan of Stallone - and this is one of my biological father's favorite films of all time, so i think negative association was at play here. plus, believe it or not, i actually caught the last half of Rocky 2 on television once many years ago and was all, "Rocky? meh."

man, was i ever wrong. at first a little too slow with a few scenes where the dialogue ran on too long, this film quickly took an upward turn and became riveting. the cast of characters worked perfectly together - they were all so perfectly flawed, but still very real. Stallone played the character of Rocky Balboa so well that i was really convinced he was just a 'meathead boxer' rather than the guilty party of such a great script.

i think one of my favorite scenes is when Mick shows up at Rocky's door offering to train him after he turned him down before, and the way Rocky shouts him down the street after. it was just so gut wrenching and classy the way Rocky runs after him after and makes amends.

anyway, i'm glad Sexy had me watch this film. it's not really about boxing at all, really - or should i say, all the way through to the very last scene it is apparent that Rocky is so much more than just a boxing film.