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Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights (1997)

Boogie Nights is, in my opinion, PTAís best film yet. Iíve only seen three out of his filmography and while Magnolia and There Will Be Blood were riveting films, I liked Boogie Nights a whole lot more. For those who donít know what the film is about, the movie chronicles the pornography industry in the 70ís and 80ís. A new star, Dirk Diggler is recruited by director Jack Horner, because heís got ďsomething specialĒ.

What I find so remarkable about Boogie Nights is the amount of wonderfully developed characters. The cast and crew of a porno flick are conveyed as a ďfamilyĒ, with Horner the father, Diggler the son and leading lady Amber Waves the mother figure. Every other character has an interesting backstory, but I especially like William H. Macyís character, whose wife cheats on him with various men in various places, much to Billís embarrassment. Heís a subdued character and his appearances are brief, but still manage to be a very interesting figure in my eyes. But for me, every character is like that in Boogie Nights.

Other than the well conceived characters, the acting in this film is also outstanding. Many mention Burt Reynolds in his career best performance, and rightly so, but itís Mark Wahlberg who really captured my attention, in a role full of charisma and likeability, which Wahlberg hasnít achieved since. Every other performance in Boogie Nights is commendable, but I donít know what is so special about Julianne Mooreís performance. Itís good, but Marky Mark deserved the nomination more.

I liked Boogie Nights a lot more than I thought I would. Itís an extremely well written, well acted film thatís never boring over 2 and a half hours.