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X-Men: First Class

This was definitely one of the best films i've seen in the cinema this year. Vaughn pretty much nailed it. The setting was a fantastic choice, if at times a bit reminiscent of Watchmen but it suited the film and gave a great backdrop. Fassbender was great, accent a little shaky but him and McAvoy are the perfect in the roles as they sounded on paper. The films don't patter to heavily to the overall continuity, there are a few throw away lines to keep it in check and also some great cameos that I wasn't expected at all and couldn't help but grin at. I wouldn't have minded some more mutant on mutant action (not in that way) but was amazingly pleased the Bacon has a substantial role as an antagonist that wasn't present in the trailers, and he deserves some praise.

There were a few issues, the notably suspect makeup from the trailer is still prevalent. I couldn't accept Mystique or Beast in their blue forms, especially when both were done better in the previous films, minor quibble though. The focus on development is on McAvoy and Fassbender and Mystique who sits between them is poorly developed when she should be a more critical point in identifying between the two men's ideals. Instead she just goes through the motions and has some undefined romances which were quite confusing. The other characters are also left in the background but as most are unknown characters, that's not as surprising.

To be honest though, none of that really stopped the film being highly enjoyable and one of the most enjoyable experiences i've had in the cinema in a long time. So many scenes had me grinning like a monkey because of the strong soundtrack and suave Fassbender being a badass, it was just great fun. And January Jones. I would go through her like a train.