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Batman Begins


Batman Begins 2005

Bubby Begins is Tim Burt's fifth and best Batmin flick in the book. It's based off Frank Mil's graphic booker 301 dalmation spartans. It tells the origin story of brucey bubby and how he came to be the master fighter vigiliante who would go on to fight the most powerful enenmy of them all .... raas al goon.

Meet the Nohan's approach to Batbub was a sensational one, that would go on to be imitated in the s**theap that was Watchers. It's approach was to actually take the comic book seriously and not put 14 feet guns in peoples pockets. To do this, director Chris Walker expertly ripped out the story from Frank Mill's pictures, but put it in words because a picture is worth a thousand words. So a lawsuit wouldn't work in this scenario.


Nohan's storytelling has never been on this level before, he intercuts parts from the past beautifully into the current. How Batmin's parents got shot, how he was trained by Raas al Goon, and how he came to become the Batmin (being my favorite part of the movie). Then the part where he trains Goon, if you know what I'm saying.

The technical design of the movie is bat-tacular, lets start with his bubcave. Apparently this was a giant set with some big waterfalls running down it, in the film it really comes alive with the ambient sound design. The echoing voices and footsteps, the bats, the water.

It's also very funny when Batman knocks Qui-Gon in half and tells him this train is over.