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Day 163: October 9th, 2010


Art film, or pretentious crap?

Upon finishing the film, I sat there wondering why and what Lars Von Trier tried to accomplish with such a sexually aggressive violent film. The violence in question isn't a lot, but it's obscure enough to make you cringe. Never being one to shy away from controversial topics and imagery, Lars Von Trier creates one of his more disturbing pieces with Anti-Christ.

I'm sitting here writing this wondering what I watched. Did I get it? Not really, there are too many scenes of symbolism and metaphors to grasp, and my wanting to grasp them are very thin. I got as far as figuring out who the three beggars are and even that is visually pointed out to you. The film is told in chapters, "Grief", "Pain (Chaos Reigns)", "Despair (Gynocide)" and "The Three Beggars". The film begins and concludes with a prologue and epilogue. Both which are shot in black and white, in slow motion and to operatic music. The opening scene shows some beautiful cinematography, camera work and it feels like art. The opening is my favourite part of the film.

The story involved a couple retreating to a cabin after a family tragedy. While there, they try to cope with the tragedy, but nature has other plans. Weird to describe the story like that, but that's what happens. The two characters also have no names, at least we are not privy to them. They are known simply as He and She. They are also the only two characters in the film (aside from their son). Everyone else has their face blurred.

The film has some explicit content. I would never let my kids watch it (if I had any). Genital mutilation, explicit sex, frontal nudity, misogyny are all key points in this film. You will feel dirty after watching it. Art film, or pretentious crap, Anti-Christ walks that line sometimes.