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The Bourne Supremacy

Connor Macgregor (On Vacation) Reviews...The Bourne Supremacy

I reviewed Bourne 1...Now its time for Bourne 2.

Two years ago, Jason Bourne thought he had walked away from his past. But now the past catches up to Jason Bourne when the CIA threatens to ruin his new life. Bourne and Marie have maintained their anonymous, underground existence at the cost of permanence. Fueled by splintered nightmares and haunted by the past he cannot remember, Bourne moves Marie from city to city, trying to remain one step ahead of the threat implicit in every unexplained stranger's glance, every "wrong number" phone call--that at any second, without any warning, he might get pulled back into the world he hopes he left behind.

Now the first Bourne film was great fun , sadly this one is more of a headache and in the end , you feel very woozy due to all the action you have seen. there are too much action scenes and less scenes that focus on the story.

Matt Damon once again gives a great performance as Jason Bourne, but i feel his performance is downplayed in this one. Brian Cox isn`t as good as he was in Bourne 1. I don`t know why but he just doesn`t give it his all like in other films like Troy , X2 and the first Bourne film.

The Directing is average but not something to shout about. Greengrass may be considered by others as a great action director , but in this he comes across as a nervous amateur doing his debut film. It just feels very average and not very special.

So Overall , Not a great sequel , just a solid sequel in terms of action and story. Watch it just to follow the trilogy , but to me its the weakest.

Rating - 61% - B