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Some Like It Hot

Connor Macgregor (On Vacation) Reviews...Some Like It Hot

A timeless classic, a special film to me and contains some of the most memorable scenes in all of comedy. And now i will review Some Like It Hot.

Joe, the saxophone player, is Josephine in the all girls band that he joined with Jerry, the bass violin player, to be one step ahead of the mob after witnessing the 1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago. After a train ride that sets a record for number of people in an upper berth, they are In Miami. Joe decides to be the man of Sugar Kane's dreams and invites her out to a yacht he doesn't have. But he can use Osgood Fielding's yacht if Jerry -- as Daphne -- will keep Osgood dancing. The pace gets even giddier when the Chicago mob arrives in Miami for a convention.

Who can`t love this film. its a classic film with a wonderful cast that make me laugh so hard. Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis are easily one of the all time great double acts because of this film. I don`t know what they did after or before, but in this film they work so well off each other and that is why the film works so well. Marilyn Monroe is very good as Sugar in this film. A girl who wants to experience life to the fullest. The best part of the film is when Jack & Tony are dressed up as the women. They sell it completely and they always end up in amazing awkward positions. I also have to love gold old innocent Osgood Fielding III played brilliantly by Joe E Brown. Its just a very charming performance and i love how he just keeps trying to charm Tony Curtis`s character. Its just great.

I also love the infamous quote at the end. Its just a classic ending and a classic quote.

"I`m a Man" "Well...Nobody`s Perfect"

Overall SEE This film. it may be from the 50s but it is just a hiliarious film. It was also the film in which i was born to. My Family were watching it in the hospital while I was being born.

Rating - 100% - A+