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The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Day 112: August 20th, 2010

The Human Centipede

100% Medically Accurate.

So when I got the chance to see The Human Centipede at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, I jumped at the chance. It was the closing gala night film (what else would close?) I think the theatre helped make the experience of this film better than watching it alone.

The title and trailer made this film the hype sensation it was and the most talked about horror film of the year. Can a film live up to such a bizarre and disgusting premise? The answer is yes and no. The film does deliver on what it promises, a human centipede and it has some good laughs in it. I found the film to be a comedy more than a horror. Although, with every positive, there is a negative and the film doesn't go FAR ENOUGH!!! What!!?!?!?!?! Is he serious? Yes, I am.

With a film like this, one that has generated such a considerable amount of buzz about how grotesque the subject matter is, you would expect the film to be pretty disgusting. The Human Centipede is not disgusting. First of all, it's all imagination. The film has one scene that might get people gagging a bit, but I expected more than half of the film to be like that. It's not. The director Tom Six seems to have let the concept get the best of him and thought to himself that this concept alone will make a entertaining film. The answer is unfortunately no. A concept does not make a film.

I don't applaud Tom Six, I applaud the two actresses who had to 'act' 3/4 of the film in the centipede position. The film tries to build some suspense but it's pretty hard when you have three people moving at a snails pace around a house. The film has it's funny moments, which are all primarily given by the mad doctor, the brilliant Dieter Laser. He knows he's in a crappy film and he plays up the role beyond hilarity and over the top cheese.

The Human Centipede is a horror film that is weak on the horror and would rather rely on a concept that try to say something about modern horror or anything for that matter. Characters do stupid things, the 'horror' is hidden and makes you think about the disgustingness rather than show it. The Human Centipede follows with a few words (The First Sequence). So expect a sequel, especially since the film was such a huge thing.

The film got so much buzz over the concept alone. There was hardly any chance that the film would be able to match it. So a lot of people will be setting themselves up for disappointment. It is a great concept, otherwise people wouldn't be talking about it, but the film on the other hand falls a little short.

Well, at the screening they asked for some people to demonstrate the human centipede. Once a guy saw that two females were on stage, he ran up there. He was also asian, coincidence? Before the movie started they also told us that the tagline they used was correct. Is this really 100% medically accurate? Who knows, I hope not.