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This was a fairly touching film, but completely miss marketed. They built this up to be a comedy film of the ilk of a Superbad but this film uses some comedy to makes it point, but this is primarily a drama. Even the aspect is dark compared to that of films of the ilk. If I hadn't known it wasn't going to be as much of a comedy going into it, I would have been very disappointed seeing it.

The story is pretty well constructed. It is the teenage/college age angst sort of film, but it does a good job of creating more then one dimensional side characters and the dark humor does work quite well into the story. A few of the sides that it goes on, you wonder a little bit why it steps that way, but that does create the side character dimensions.

The acting in this film isn't all that bad. Jesse Eisenberg plays a Michael Cera sort of character, or vice-a-versa depending on how you look at it, and he does a good job in that role. Margarita Levieva and Kristen Stewart both do a solid job in their roles. I had really only seen Kristen Stewart in Twilight before and compared to the cheese of that film, she did a very respectable job and she has potential to be an up and coming actress in Hollywood if she doesn't get type cast as the cheesy love interest because she will be known of Twilight and its subsequent sequels. The rest cast does a solid job. None of the performances really stood out to me, but as a whole, they were good.

Overall this isn't a bad film. It doesn't stand out a ton in many ways, but it avoids a lot of a cheese that these films are known for. It is something that has been done before, but if you enjoy this teen angst type of film, this one is more enjoyable then most.

Overall Grade: B

Acting: B+
Story: B+
Audio/Visual: B