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Raiders of the Lost Ark

Another one of those movies where I don't have much to say:


I'll admit it. I never saw ROTLA until Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out two summers ago. I think when I mentioned that I never saw any Jones movie, Yoda practically made me buy the set or be banned. When I first saw it, I can only say that I saw this with "beer goggles." That basically means that no matter what, I'll love it. I re-watched it a good number of times and it did hold up pretty well. But when I watched it this time, it wasn't as great but still pretty good.

The movie was cast well. Harrison Ford (or the one guy's career Star Wars didn't ruin) is Indy. He's pretty much like William Holden, he could be a badass archaeologist, but can still look like a teach you'd have in college. Karen Allen is a damsel in distress, but can just as easily turn it around and become a heroine. The creepy nazi guy that I never caught the name of (Paul Freeman) is a creepy nazi guy I never caught the name of. The acting was pretty good (a few problems in the beginning) but nothing to awesome or to crappy.

The script was pretty fun though. I think for a summer movie that's the most important thing. I mean if it's the summer, I don't have any responsibilities, no one yelling at me to get work done, it's nice outside. I want to be entertained, not think. There were a few problems, mainly how sometimes it doesn't all stay in the realm of possibility but that doesn't really matter for a movie like this.

The one thing that told me this movie was good was the special effects. It's Steven f'in Spielberg at play here, with George f'ing Lucas, they're both pretty much CGI masters. I felt that this gave the film a timeless quality.

While it's not as good as many people have told me, it's still a dang good movie and well worth a watch.